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Lots of Hot Tub shoppers just entering the market often feel that 100+ jets is a "MUST-HAVE" when starting to research Spa & Hot Tub brands.  That is, until they start digging deeper in comparing the industry's plethora of Hot Tub manufacturers... 
Jet Count is undoubtedly a top misconception when comparing New Hot Tubs for sale.  Counting jets and looking at Hot Tubs by the numbers only can unfortunately turn out to be quite a letdown.  Hot tub jets come in various sizes and flow rates. A person with the notion that hot tub models with the most jets are also the highest quality ones may soon learn otherwise.  In fact, it is oftentimes the opposite – as your local Hot Tub Experts in South Jersey, we attest to the fact that High Quality Spa manufacturers are more focused on appointing their Hot Tubs with the right variety of jets rather than the number of them.  They configure seating with strategically placed jets for the best Hot Tubbing experience. Why? With a jet variety, the user will enjoy the greatest massages and optimize the Hot Tub’s therapeutic value from each different kind of jet.  Quality Hot Tubs come equipped with more sophisticated controls for the water flow and pressure as well, which adds to a better overall spa experience.
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Amidst the chlorine product supply/pricing challenges of late, taking advantage of a Borate level in Pools is a no-brainer ... In fact, Landi Pools has recommended Borates for over 25 years, dating back to the late 90's when we began leading with our famous "Simplicity system." Our longtime, dear customers and friends will remember those red & white, conveniently boxed kits. Our ecofriendly 'New Synergy' system is packaged with care using the same Borate base. Not to mention the Landi Pools & Games branded grocery tote that we supply with our kits today!

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Almost everyone knows that Hot Tubs and relaxation go hand in hand, but did you know that Hot Tub Hydrotherapy goes much deeper? Here's the scoop: Hot Tubs promote a healthier lifestyle! They are an investment for your personal wellness and all-around better living. Often we will hear the fact that Hot Tubbers who soak at night (1-2 hours before bedtime) experience a deeper sleep than ever before. Endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, are released during the soak. This produces a feeling of euphoria, ideal for total relaxation - without the use of alcohol or medication. Since your body temperature elavates during the soak, studies suggest that as it returns back to the normal 98.6 degrees, your body eases into a deep and most refreshing sleep. The result is waking up in the morning with a clear head, ready to take on the day ahead!

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