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Landi Pools & Games is a Household name in the Greater Vineland – Millville – Bridgeton area, and is Cumberland County’s -Premier Hot Tub Dealer & Service Provider. We love the fact that Hot Tubs offer you an ideal setting to relax and reconnect with loved ones. Here are key points of how and why we know that the Hydrotherapy in your Personal Hot Tub enhances overall well-being:


Total relaxation once a day is the secret to a happy life. After long, stressful work days you may think, “I just need a vacation to get away from all of this” – but why spend crazy amounts of money going away for a short period of time when you can go on a year-round “Staycation” right in your backyard!! The ease of being just a few steps away from your hot tub is truly a gift that keeps on giving! The Hot Tub brings you peace and serenity by allowing your body total relaxation, and recovery. Hydrotherapy relieves discomfort, loosens your muscles, and ultimately promotes both mental and physical wellness.


What are you waiting for? Come on in today, and we will be glad to help you find the perfect hot tub to start your improved life. Just think, the sooner you buy, the faster you will be on your Staycation!

Your Personal Backyard Retreat


I bet we have all heard it before; “stress is a silent killer in our overworked culture.” With stress comes muscle tension, soreness, headaches, weight gain, and fatigue. Lucky for you, all of those negative things begin to float right away in the water of your new Hot Tub! As the jets run up and down your body and the warm water works deep into your muscles, it’s not just a temporary relief – it invites wellness long term.

The hot water and bubbling of a hot tub will actually cause your body temperature to rise, which in turn makes your blood vessels dilate. As the blood vessels dilate in your body, blood circulation improves – especially to the extremities which leads to the next health benefit that comes with your backyard retreat.

As the warm water massage works deep into your muscles, mobility in your body increases, and joint pain decreases. Simply put, Hot Tubs can prevent and remedy symptoms of Arthritis, while making us more pliable. After all, no one wants to have trouble bending down! Who would have thought that your Staycation would provide all these physical benefits!

With all these amazing benefits, it’s no surprise that a Hot Tub can also help you sleep! The National Institute of Health estimates that 30 percent of Americans suffer from sleep disruption. Luckily you can separate yourself from that 30% with nightly massaging soaks in your Hot Tub! It is proven that a rise in your body temperature (by soaking in a Hot Tub) two hours before bedtime, and then having your internal temperature naturally return to normal (after you exit your hot tub), a gentle transition that improves sleep is the result. So, not only do you get your vacation at home, but you’ll sleep like a baby when you’re done soaking – to wake up and feel like a new person!

We all need to break away from life from time to time, just to have some peace and quiet.


Realistically, it’s not possible very often due to work, and other demands our day-to-day lives present. Rest assured, with a Hot Tub you can enjoy Staycation right in your own back yard, and, grab your slice of peace and quiet with all the added health benefits right at home! What are you waiting for? Call us today to set up an appointment or drop in and see one of our friendly sales specialists to get your secret to happiness. The Hot Tubs are at Landi Pools & Games right in Millville’s Wheaton Plaza. With 4 major brands on display, we will work with you to find the Spa that best suits your needs!