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Cape May Courthouse Hot Tubs


Landi Pools & Games has delivered the perfect jacuzzi to Cape May Courthouse families’ backyards over the years. Many folks have a misconception that hot tubs are just for fun and entertaining. While they surely do entertain, they will also help you physically and mentally throughout your life. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should consider to invest in one sooner than later!


Tech Talk


Efficiency: Believe us when we say we get it, being a family owned & operated business we get that electric can get expensive with a hot tub being added on; that’s why we make it a point to carry Hot Tubs that are energy efficient. Annually speaking, our hot tubs cost around $1.00 per day to operate under normal conditions. Whereas other hot tubs that can be purchased cost upwards of $50 per month to run. Call us today for more information … we look forward to helping find the best hot tub for you!

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Physically & Mentally

Most people think that you just sit in your hot tub to relax and de-stress, when in reality, as soon as you sink down into your hot tub of serenity and peace, countless other amazing benefits begin to emerge:


It’s in the name itself! A proven fact is that after soaking for about 20 minutes, the warming of your body increases your blood flow. The warming of your blood causes blood vessels to dilate, and, blood pressure can subsequently lower itself. The hot water also promotes muscle relaxation – heat from the water is carried deep into your muscles. Normally, your body tries to cool itself by carrying heat to the surface via your blood. Unlike a bathtub, a hot tub can maintain a hot water temperature indefinitely. So, while you are soaking and relaxing, your blood doesn’t recirculate at a reduced temperature. It returns deep within your body at a warmer temperature than before, which delivers therapeutic heat where other treatments cannot.

Anyone that you talk to who has experienced the hydrotherapy of a hot tub will tell you, hands down it is the most amazing feeling after a long day at work, a grueling workout, or after that long sports event. Just sink into your hot tub, and just feel those jets working deep into your muscles. It will feel like all the stress in the world is just floating away in the water. Hot tubs are equipped with nozzles of various sizes, pressures, configurations, and quantities – all designed to target particular portions of your body. Smaller groups of jets will hit pinpoint muscles around your neck, where larger flow jets will actually sweep up and down your entire back, just to the sides of your spine. You could say that hot tubs are like a trained masseuse, except this masseuse is available 24/7!

Hot tubs are notorious for helping people with health benefits thought it is often over looked by most buyers. Below are just a handful of health benefits a hot tub can help with! Arthritis: Believe it or not regular sessions in your hot tub help keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage.

Who would have ever thought that soaking in your hot tub would actually be like a mini work out for you but better! It is proven that the regular use of hot tubs gives you some of the same health benefits of exercise but with less heart stress.

Your body can be eased into a state of deep and relaxing sleep by a drop in body temperature after going to bed. It is proven that soaking in a hot tub about 90 minutes before bedtime triggers your internal thermostat to lower your temperature, thus inducing sleep to set in more easily.