Water Testing & Anaylsis

Keep your water healthy and pleasant.


Simply complete this form, or just stop by our showroom any time with a water sample for your free water analysis! Once we receive your request, we’ll set aside a private time so that you can have your water professionally tested.  Maintaining clean and crystal clear water using the proper chemicals is very important for your enjoyment and safety as well as surface material and equipment longevity.


Landi Pools & Games will be using the revolutionary, in-store water testing lab, the WaterLink Spin Lab by Lamotte as well as Taylor’s Xpress Flex system. The most advanced system for precise water chemistry testing. Taking all the guesswork and user-error out of Pool & Spa Water Testing & Analysis. The new technology eliminates inaccuracy’s and time consuming procedures of existing water labs that rely on exact mixtures of drops, powders, tablets or matching colors up with strips or vials.


Have your water tested & analyzed in minutes!!!